Calming Waters

Dec 04, 2021

Where is your safe place when you need a moment to yourself?

Sitting on the banks of a stream of water running over the rocks, feeling the breeze in your face and hair. The water is calm and effective. Soon walking over the rocks to get to the other side, knowing there is a chance that you could slip and fall. The water isn't very deep, but there is still a chance of falling, knowing you could get wet.

Then you see the birds and they are singing the song of love , maybe a squirrel or two also running near you.

Take a moment and just breathe in the air that is so fresh and clean. 

Has life gotten you down? Take this time and talk to God. He wants you to know that his love flows through you, and the wind that's blowing is like him telling you that he wraps his arms around you even if you can't see him, but you can surely feel his presence no matter where you are.

That water flowing represents his blood that flows through us so we can have a life that is free!

Knowing that any moment you can slip and fall, but his arms are open wide and he will always catch you no matter how big or little the slip or fall is.

Close your eyes and feel God's presence  he wants you to give everything to him so he can carry it for you!