Nov 22, 2021

Sitting in the stands, I was wondering how it’ll go this time. He had gotten much better with his technique, but this was a tough match as he was wrestling someone who had been to state quite a few times. The crowd was cheering; I was recording it while trying to breathe, unsure what was going to happen. 

This one might be a loss, I thought, knowing he was losing by quite a margin. He was breathing hard and I knew he had to keep going even while he looked weary and completely out of energy. It was the third period, with three seconds left of this match and we could pretty much say he had lost to this great wrestler from a different school. 

It was those three seconds that counted. While fighting with every ounce he had, he pinned the other guy and, Wow! The crowd really went wild. I was in shock, not believing what I just saw. It was what I saw in his eyes and on his face that made a great impact on my life forever. 

This moment taught me that even if you are weary, you should NEVER give up! God has a plan for us and He wants us to keep pushing forward with every last breath so we can renew our strength. No matter what we have been through or are going through now. 

2 Corinthians 4:8-9