Use the gift God has given you for ministry

Apr 18, 2022

Each one of them has a different function we use, but not one of is better or worse than the other.

some might think , since they are more successful or may be more talented in sports or hobbies that they are better so then we start to select winners and losers.

Romans 12:3-8 describes how we are each different and have different functions which work together as one.

we are to focus on the talents we have to serve others. Use whatever gift you have and use it for the ministry.

Verses 6-8 say God has given each of is the ability to do certain things well.... for prophecy then prophecy whenever you can, make sure your faith is strong enough to receive the message from God. If serving others is your gift, serve them well. if you are a teacher, do a good job. If you are a preacher make sure your sermons are strong and helpful and from God. If you have money, be generous in helping others. If you have administrative ability, take it seriously. those who comfort you should do it with Christian cheer. 

We can find fulfillment in being ourselves and using the gift God has given us in the ministry.

Than you are no longer more important than  your neighbor, you are both important. Do you appreciate others for who they are? Without making them feel different?

God's view on others is to work together with cooperation not competition. This is the first step to building a loving community.

Read verses 9-21 and find how a Christian community is to love. Love must be sincere, be devoted to one another in brotherly love, live in harmony with one another and overcome evil with good.

Share with God's people who are in need (verse 13). Be willing to associate with people of a low position (verse 16).

Without us caring and reaching out to others, the church will fall short of what God has intended.